Migration Rights Project

Chrissie Orr’s Santa Fe Project on Migration, Rights

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El Otro Lado is an unusual collaborative public art project by Chrissie Orr about migration, human rights, boundaries and a sense of home, underway in Santa Fe, N.M.T he intergenerational cross cultural participants are actively involved in developing symbolic maps/cartograms, visual representations and audio recordings of their stories, their journeys, their landmarks, their boundaries and their sense of place and home. 

An intensive series of workshops are underway with youth at Tierra Encantado Charter School, with additional workshops for families, women, children and individual community members. The workshops are specifically designed to provide a safe space for all to be able to share and express delicate stories and topics in relation to migration, journey and human rights. Community-based organizations, art institutions, educational entities and positive community mentors supported the design of the workshops. El Otro Lado provides the opportunity for a community-wide activation of the perennial and profound inquiry into, “Who am I?”

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