2012 Workshop Leaders


Andrea Bejarano is a visual artist with a focus in photography. After two years at the University of Miami, her passion for learning and desire to hone her craft inspired her departure from sunny Florida to pursue her dreams in NYC. She is currently finishing her senior year in the Photography and Imaging Department at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She looks forward to creating a future for herself that blends her creative eye, love of photography and film, and enthusiasm for teaching and learning alike. www.andreabejarano.com

Zalika Azim came to NYU from the San Francisco Art Institute; She is a dedicated artist and Brooklyn native. Taking her first photography class at the age of 17 under the wing of ICP’S Teen Academy, she realized the impact and power of art in human expression, exploration and storytelling. Leading to her goal of one day starting a cross-national non-profit organization that encourages (artistic) photographic integration as a therapeutic tool in creating social change amongst groups in areas facing conflict, she has worked for several organizations who actively fight against hate crimes directed at Women and LGBTI communities in Southern Africa and the Americas. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography & Imaging and BA in Social and Cultural Analysis.

Isabel Ferro is a journalist and graphic designer from Caracas, Venezuela. Her entrepreneurial spirit, deep interest in education, love for the arts and more than 10 years of experience with youth have brought her to NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Studies where she explores Experiential Learning and Human Development for Social Change. She has set her goals into the non-profit sector and dreams about the change many deserve.


Laura Bluher graduates Tisch Photography & Imaging Department in 2012. She now resides in Brooklyn and is working on several photographic and research projects based in Latin America. Bluher’s work has been featured in the Gulf & Western Galleries at New York University and the Calumet Gallery in Chelsea. www.laurabluherphotography.com

Bianca Farrow is originally from a small town in northern California and moved to New York to pursue her love of photography. She is currently a student at the Gallatin School for Individualized Study concentrating on photojournalism and the sociology of violence. www.bfarrowphotography.com

Amy Stoker, a South Georgia native, is an undergraduate of the Photography & Imaging Department of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Amy did not realize the full extent of her passion to be an artist until she moved to New York back in 2009 but since has rapidly developed a strong point of view that is reflected in her work. Her current work as a documentary photographer, video, and performance artist deals with difficult topics surrounding war and the military. www.amystoker.com


Josh Haunschild is a senior in Photography & Imaging.


Patrick McNabb, born and raised in Northern Virginia, is a photography major looking to explore the line that divides cinema and photography. Patrick is a recent transfer from a great school in Fairfax, VA where he found his desire to make pictures. Each day brings a new opportunity to improve his photography.  He is always looking to turn back the times and create a world with the style and colors of the 70s and the  dynamics of the 80s. As a result twenty plus years of suburban life, he loves to create the conflicts in neighborhoods around Northern VA.




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