cydneyblitzerCydney Blitzer was found in Hunan Province, China as an infant and adopted by the benevolent Laura Blitzer when she was eight months old. She grew up in Florida, moving about quite a bit, before finally she and her mother found their destination in New York City. Now, Cydney goes to the renowned LaGuardia High-School in Manhattan where she functions as an art major on weekdays and a photographer on the weekends. It was in her sophomore year, 2015, when she managed to wrangle her way into the Tisch School of the Arts program at NYU known as Future Imagemakers. Every Saturday at 10:00 she evaluates herself and her peers in order to discover new things about herself and others.

The High School years are a time when many adolescents try to figure out what they want to do in the future.  While some are on a coherent path, knowing their ambitions, others, including me, can be found wandering, trying to solve the riddles of identity.  The future to me, is an endless network of decisions -past and present- that I must make throughout my life. I am depicting my own struggles with determining my future. I become frustrated with myself because many of the people in my school are resolute when it comes to what they want to do with their lives, while I continue to feel vulnerable with many questions. Using windows as a looking glass into a future world I convey the theme of looking into a distant future that is obscured in some way.  While some people look through and actually see what is on the other side, I cannot see even when I try.

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