desiregarciaDesire Garcia was born in New York but moved to the Dominican Republic, the birthplace of her parents, when she was two years old. Her parents divorced when she was the age of six years old, at 11 she moved back to New York Citywith her family. Desire lives in New York with her father, Odalis Garcia, while Noely, her sister, lives in Miami with her mother, Noemi Camacho. Garcia is now a curious 16 year old who has a natural knack for listening and learning skills. She is a tenth grader at Bronx Lab High School. Aside from her regular high school classes Desire Garcia is also part of the girls’ swim team at her school. She participates in the Future ImageMakers program at NYU. She enjoys photography and art in general. Garcia also likes to: read, write, observe things and listen to people.

As I grew older I realized that almost everyone lives by the Beauty Myth. We become slaves of beauty without realizing it. Society is so loyal to it that they make us feel ashamed of ourselves and the way we look. We created this idea that beauty is physical. We close our minds to the idea of anything else but our standards of being physically beautiful. More times than not, we feel trapped in this cage where there is no way out unless you are willing to let society oppress you to the point where you feel worthless. I decided to focus on different body parts and products that symbolize our relationship to “beauty”. I want to create a raw look at real life versus the idealized idea of physical beauty.

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