Jack Adam


Jack Adam is a portrait photographer living in Brooklyn, NY and is a student at the New York City iSchool. His interest in photography began in Junior High School. He learned the basics of black and white darkroom photography and his interest grew into a passion as he began to work with digital photography.

After leaving Junior High School he started taking classes at the International Center of Photography where he learned color, and advanced black and white darkroom photography. He later began studying digital photography in Future Imagemakers at NYU Tisch. He now focuses primarily on portraiture, but also practices self-portraiture and still life photography.



I am exploring my body and its impact on the perception of my images. I’m not bothered if I look ridiculous while creating  my photographs.  I  use this to my advantage to create the most unusual and compelling images possible.

This series investigates the idea of an internal isolation. By use of color and light I hope to convey a sense of surrealism. I divide this isolation into two key components: memories and nightmares.

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