raymercardonaRaymer Cardona is a junior at PROGRESS High School for Professional Careers. He enjoys photography and other arts, such as videography and graphic design. His school allowed him to expand his knowledge in these areas through filming and editing video documentaries, working on graphic design posters, and photographing school events. In addition, he further improved his photography experience by joining NYU Future Imagemakers. He plans to use these valuable skills in his future collegiate education and in his professional career(s).


New York City is known as a city with tall buildings and lots of people. However there are various ways that  nature and vegetation interact with the urban environment, across the city. When I think of the urban landscape in NYC I also think about how the sun is what gives us light and what helps us grow, whether we are plants or humans.  I wanted to use the sun as an vantage point to capture those moments when the sun has a captivating reflection on a buildings and/or objects around New York City. The sun gives my photographs an effect similar to a digital filter, yet is is achieved using natural light and exposure.

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