20160430_101204-JANIQUEJanique “Billy-Bob” Wilson is a sophomore in Brooklyn Lab School and is well known for her obsession with all forms of art. However everyone knows her favorite art forms are graphic design and photography. She enjoys photography because of its ability to convey the bliss of the instantaneous moment.





From the moment I hit my teens, I felt a common change with all the things I knew and liked. One was myself, the other was who my family was, and can we always stay together like in the movies I favored. Now as I’m growing older and starting to see things with a more profound perspective I can see how important my self image is to me, as well as the image of my family. My mother, my sister and I have vast age differences between each other and with these differences I can see how much the regard to self image also varies. However why does this matter so much to me in the changing world? Why does this shock me so much when all of my surroundings have been changing since the day I was born? Me thinking on it alone did not give me the answers I wanted. However, when I managed to catch this in a series of photographs it became clear. There lies a hidden beauty among these projections of ourselves and constant worry of how we are seen.

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