IMG_8093-LILLYLilly Fung is a Junior at High Tech High School in North Bergen, New Jersey. She grew up in Union City, New Jersey, a city about 15 minutes from NYC. Having always been interested in the arts, she recently was drawn to photography. She applied to NYU Future Imagemakers workshop to learn and experience photography more in depth. The workshop taught her that it takes a lot of thought and work. Furthermore, photography is a strong method of communication and she hopes to be able to use all she’s learned to share her story.

Living in one of the most densely populated cities in the U.S is quite an interesting experience. Every street is different from the next and each one offers a different story. I looked closer into the city I have lived in my whole life and tried capturing details that would not usually stand out to myself or the average local. Union City, New Jersey has been a home to immigrants since its earliest days, allowing for much diversity throughout its history. Now predominantly Latino, the community of Union City has stayed true to their immigrant roots and has preserved their rich culture. In this series I attempted to photograph the physical aspects of a working class Latino community that is Union City and the beauty that can arise from it.

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