Aaron Philip

Aaron Philip is a 16 year old disabled creative who works in digital art, writing, and photography. Hailing from the small, beautiful island of Antigua, Aaron immigrated to The United States with their family for medical reasons at 3 years old. They have been living in New York City ever since. Their interests include art, eating food, loving those around them, social justice & advocacy, fashion, and the internet.

In this project, Aaron is shining light on their identity and life as a young, black, disabled, marginalized individual living in NYC. There is little to no visibility, attention or representation in general, as well as in art to this experience within spaces that are primarily able bodied and cis-normative. Through self portraits, landscape photos and pictures of the people in their life Aaron attempts to express their perspective of themselves and the world around them. They want to convey specific moods and energies that relate to this experience. The visual aesthetic involves extensive use of various colors, settings, angles, and lightings.

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