Alex Chavez

Alex Chavez is a 15 year old photographer and sophomore in Bronx Collaborative High School. Throughout his time living in NYC, tall buildings and the variety of aesthetics that he sees on the streets and in other environments in New York have always caught his eye. It all started when Alex got his first iPhone at 13 years old. Alex’s goal is to become better at experimenting with portraiture, street photography, and other areas of photography.

The focus for Alex’s photography has always been Manhattan, but he didn’t know why. He  just noticed how great and beautiful it is and he really loved how the photos looked. In this series he examines how his neighborhood, Bedford Park Blvd, can be just as great and beautiful as Manhattan. Alex is now shifting the focus from Manhattan to the Bronx in order to show himself that there’s a beautiful setting outside his door step. Bedford Park Blvd has a little bit of everything in it. Alex encompassed meeting new people, how the streets look, the buildings, the food, the culture, and what it looks like throughout the day in his photographs.

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