Emily Contreras

Emily grew up in the East Village and currently goes to School of the Future. While being exposed to many artistic mediums, such as music and drawing, she really took a liking to photography. She was first introduced to photography in the music scene while attending concerts. Emily observed the photographers in the photo pit capturing the essence of the musicians who were performing on stage. After going out into the field with a phone camera and later an actual DSLR, she decided to pursue more formal training. Before discovering her passion for photography, she was quite introverted and perceived as shy and quiet. The camera has helped open her to being more expressive and comfortable with being herself in environments where previously, she was closed off. Photography has helped her overcome her inner conflict, which, in turn, accelerated her development into a more courageous and far happier individual. Emily hopes to use her newfound skills to express her ideas and values unapologetically in previously unfathomable ways.

  • Mejor Amigos
  • Sonrisas
  • El Modelo
  • El Modelo 2
  • Caminando
  • Mirando
  • Juntos
  • Jugando
  • Pateando
  • La Rivera
  • Descansando

Hard Working Family Man

Growing up I only heard one of two things, “your dad is so serious!” or “your dad is scary!”. I was genuinely perplexed by those statements  since I never really felt like my dad was accurately encompassed by those two traits. He is an extremely hardworking individual, being the sole source of income for our family, which puts quite a burden on him. He often works long shifts, especially since he has far more experience and his work is preferred over that of his colleagues. Through this series of photos, I  would like to reveal who my father truly is behind his stern expressions; an empathetic, caring, hardworking family man, who isn’t bound by any boarders. If he didn’t make those sacrifices and move to the United States… I wouldn’t be here.

Gracias, pa.

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