Mina Gurkan

Mina Gurkan was born in New York City and has grown up in an environment which has both challenged and developed him as an artist. He constantly attempts to see the world through new perspectives and illustrate the complexity and variance of human life through his art. He is currently a junior at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.


“Let me just say one last word
About this word ‘transformation’.
It leaves an impression
That you start in an untransformed state,
And then you transform
And become a transformed state.
Life isn’t like that.
Life is dynamic,
It’s changing,
And really it’s transforming.”
– Pentagon Town Hall meeting, March 6, 2003

Everyday we construct ourselves in the morning in order to face the world, and at night we deconstruct in our own habitats of comfort at home. Whether we consciously know it or not, all aspects of our presentations of self are composed so that we will be perceived in a certain way. But, sometimes, the way in which we want to be perceived comes with rigid guidelines, which has a large impact on the formation of my identity as a trans individual. However, I believe that there is no permanent state of self, and through these photographs I attempt to articulate the fluidity of the expression of one’s self in an environment that consistently imposes narrow concepts of what trans and male identity ‘should’ look like.

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