Renee Hayes

Renee Hayes is a high school freshman. For almost all of her life she’s been the different kid in the crowd, dealing with a feeling of trying to be someone that she felt she was not. Coming from a generally sport based family, she always felt forced by her own will to be more athletic. She found herself competing against her own family members for attention. She had different interests, different skills and most of all, a different way of thinking. Creativity has always been a huge part of her. She uses it to express many of the thoughts she’d rather not explain with words. Photography has been one of the outlets she uses to express herself. She thinks expression is not only important in her life, but in everybody’s life. She believes it has the ability take away from all of the harsh things in the world because it can give “opposites” a common ground. Everyday she is inspired by things that influence her to create new art.


Documentation of Documentation

Life is the longest thing you will ever experience, however, it comes with fleeting memories. In this series, I express my life of documentation. Documentation is very important to me as it makes memories last longer. What may be irrelevant to one person could be very important to another. Therefore I wanted to show my interests in life through a literal lens, and depict why certain things are important to me. Aspects of my life such as of my art when drawing or painting, my family, and what I see throughout my day are substantial in many aspects. I chose to include the presence of my iPhone in the picture itself to pull the audience deeper into my life and see things through my perspective. Having my iPhone in the picture to me adds more dimension and more meaning to my series.

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