Taylor Carter

Taylor Carter is a 16 year old girl who describes herself as a pretty simple person. She is now a sophomore at Teaneck High School. While she may seem to always be talking, she is quite reserved when it comes to voicing her thoughts. Ever since she discovers Steve McCurry and the ‘Afghan Girl’ photograph, Taylor had taken an interest in photography. She is known by many to be very opinionated, quite the jokester, and can get a little to distracted by her phone. As of now she lives in Teaneck, NJ.

My home is something that I define as the place where I can be 100% myself. Home is where my heart is. But for me, that’s not all. You see my home is my town; my little town of Teaneck. Where long lines form at the bagel shop at 12 pm sharp, and Votee park, full of kids shouting at the ice cream truck. From Queen Ann Road to the Hackensack river. However many don’t see it that way. They think of Teaneck only as the place with numerous Orthodox Jews and not enough livelihood past 8 pm. While some of that may be true, not all of Teaneck shuts down once the suns down. As a town, there are many hidden gems that we keep out of the eyes of the public. Through these photographs, I want to expose my audience to what Teaneck has to offer and show those who turn a blind eye to my home’s inner aesthetic. This is my home that I’m proud of.

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