Aminat Fakunle



Aminat is a 15 year old student at Tottenville High School located in Staten Island, NY.  She loves to sing and is a member of her school’s Mock Trial team. She is fluent in Yoruba Both of her parents are from Nigeria located in the western parts of Africa, and she is an only child. When she first started this program she didn’t know a lot about photography but through the help of all the teachers and students, she has a new found love for photography.


C-U-L-T-U-R-E, A seven letter word that can easily be lost and abandoned. In a city like New York its very hard to keep traditions and stick with customs. Nigeria is located in the western part of Africa it is a country full of traditions and strong cultural beliefs. From the things you wear, say, eat, and even do there is a reason behind it. Nigeria is divided into three sectional tribes: Igbo the south, Hausa the north and Yoruba the west.  I am a proud Yoruba Nigerian. From Lagos to Ikorodu Yoruba people are very passionate and proud of their culture.  Through food, clothing and language we have Nigeria in our hearts. In the western world our views may shift and adjust but our traditions will never wayfarer. “Remember where you’re from, And you’ll never get lost”