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Alice Proujansky taught in our Community Collaborations program in 2002. She has been extremely busy since then as a freelance journalist and Teaching Artist and Staff Developer at Urban Arts Partnership in NYC.  Her Birth Culture project was featured in this Sunday’s NY Times.

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Life’s Unequal Beginnings –

Alice Proujansky (BFA 2002)  in the NY Times Sunday Review as part of their Exposures series in The Opinion Pages.

She writes: For the past six years I have been photographing birth, looking at its universal as well as cultural aspects, and the struggle to provide women with safe, respectful care. An estimated quarter of a million women die each year from pregnancy-related causes like pre-eclampsia. Though the number of women who die in pregnancy or childbirth is half what it was 20 years ago, most of these deaths could have been prevented.

My interest in the subject started when I was 18 and on a semester-abroad program in the Dominican Republic, where I ended up with a Spanish immersion internship in the materInity ward of a public hospital. continue reading.

This is the not the fist time the NY Times has featured this work. In 2010, they produced  the multimedia piece “Hope for a Healthy Birth After C-Section” using Alice’s photos.

A freelance photojournalist based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Alice Proujansky’s work has been published by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBCNew York MagazineNPR and others. She has also been a teaching artist for many years and now is Staff Developer at Urban Arts Partnership. Alice returns regularly to our department to talk to students in our Community Collaborations project. 

See for more information, to view more images from her Birth Culture project, and to follow her blog.


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