Christine Cochran

My name is Christine Cochran. I am a 16-year-old New Yorker that enjoys the bible, dancing, Starbucks and photography. I currently go to the Urban Assembly for Applied Math and Science, located in the South Bronx. In the near future, I see myself traveling often and having a career in the medical sciences. P.S. I love to dance and eat nutella, yum 🙂




Final Project

This project may be seen as common since it’s about love, but I decided to take a different approach, and illustrate the process of how love happens. It starts as strangers who knows nothing about the other, but curious enough to remember their face. Then, it grows into a friendship, where they realize they laugh at the same things, hate the same stuff and have that one song they both can’t get out of their heads. Lastly, the “happy ending”, where they’re both together and can’t believe that happiness took so long to find. The techniques I used were simple; I either sat on the ground or stood up, pointed and shoot. It was fun going through the parks or my school, shooting people being themselves or how I see them in my mind, because it makes my imagination that much more fun.




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