Classroom Connections

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Eight years ago, Classroom Connections was started to build a community between two Bronx schools—University Heights High School, a public school in one of the poorest congressional districts in America, and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, a private school with a $43,000/year tuition. Students of each school exchange letters, engage in community service projects, and visit each other to discuss issues such as race relations. This article details a group activity led by Narrative 4 in which students first paired off to tell share stories about their lives and then regrouped to tell their partners’ stories in first person. As someone who attended a prestigious public high school in Manhattan with tremendous resources, I always felt like I was in a bubble and sheltered from truth of the inequality between schools in New York. I was touched by the article and the initiative to foster understanding and empathy between these students, and I definitely believe that there should be more collaborations like this to increase awareness of the state of the school system in New York.

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