Cocoa Lynch


Cocoa Lynch is a junior attending Hunter College High School.  Her passion in photography led her to take black & white and color film photography at the International Center of Photography.  Cocoa is currently developing her interest in Photoshop and digital photography.  She recently completed a research paper on the history of photojournalism, and how photography originated into a medium, which captured emotional and physical adversities. This inspired her to try and capture an emotional message rather than focusing only on the aesthetics.  



Final Project 

My sister graduated from a competitive high school and continued into college. After her first semester, she decided to take time off from academics. After transitioning to her leaving, and then coming back, she became a constant focus in my life.  For my photography project I decided to document this change and chronicle the first week after she returned. Her time off is valuable, as it is irreplaceable as she moves on and continues school.  My main focus in this series of photographs is to represent her struggle for finding purpose for her time off during this initial, self-reflective stage. A goal of mine was to make these portraits feel real and raw, without a façade.


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