Eric Li



My name is Eric and I am a junior at the NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies. I have a passion for the arts that includes playing the violin to singing. I have been apart of the Youth Pride Chorus for the past two years, which is a LGBT, straight allied choir that has a mission of bringing love and acceptance through the power of music. I decided to document my “second family” with my camera, with a goal of sharing a different aspect of Youth Pride Chorus through my project. I want to share the experience and the work that is put in continuing the choir’s mission.


 Final Project. 

My project is based on my choir, the Youth Pride Chorus, in which I have been a part of for the past two years. Prior to attending to Youth Pride Chorus I was at Xavier High School where I was subjected to everyday bullying and racism. During sophomore year, I decided to attend the Youth Pride Chorus as a way to escape my life at school. For the past two years, Youth Pride Chorus has become my second family and my support system. In my project, I want to document the people that make up of the Youth Pride Chorus. Our mission is to spread hope and acceptance through the power of Music.


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