Esther Turay


I was born on June 6 in West Africa to two ambitious parents who wanted nothing but the best for me. My father moved to New York early on and when I was seven, I finally gained the opportunity to live with him. When I came here, I found a few passions: Reading, drawing, photographs and the stars. I could not stop taking pictures with other people’s cameras. When I reached the eighth grade, my aunt surprised with my very own point and shoot and later on I got my first DSLR. Now, I can’t seem to or want to stop taking pictures.




Final Project

Art has always been a release for me; a way to forget my troubles for that one hour or two when I’m photographing things or drawing people. I like to make art because it shows people the world from my perspective. I make art simply because it comes naturally to me. I have always been interested in people’s memories: why they like them, what happened etc. When I found out that we had free reign over our projects, this was the first thought I had: how can I show other people’s favorite memories? I had them draw it and act it out because anyone can do it. I also used my three family members they are the closest people to me and I interact with them on a regular basis. When I show other people my work, they tell me they see life. I hope that these photos will reflect the special times in the lives of my cousin and my nieces.


IMG_0008.jpgIMG_0018.jpgIMG_0033.jpgIMG_0039.jpgIMG_0093.jpgIMG_0065.jpgIMG_0028.jpgIMG_0076.jpgIMG_0130.jpgIMG_0426.jpgIMG_0416.jpgIMG_0016 (1).jpgIMG_0148.jpgIMG_0150.jpgIMG_0152.jpgIMG_0160.jpgIMG_0182.jpgIMG_0190.jpgIMG_0396.jpgIMG_0407.jpg

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