Ethan Judelson

Ethan Judelson is a junior at the NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies. He is very interested in film, television, and of course photography. He is currently working on building a website for the sale of high school student artwork, called Startists. He is also a part of his schools theater company and will be starring in their spring production of “All in the Timing”. He hopes to continue his studies of the arts in college when he graduates next year. I see photography as a way for people to capture exactly what is happening in their world but make it be seen from their perspective.



Final Project 

My project is center on my nanny who has been with me my entire life. Her name is Glenda and she is a Grenadian immigrant who started working for my family in 1992. She has always been very important to me and my whole family. I chose to do a photo series on her because she is much more than what a lot of people think of her. Every week she goes to a church in Brooklyn and she spends all day there praying. She is also an incredibly devoted mother and grandmother not just to her relatives here in New York, but also her family back in Grenada, whom she supports with the only money she has. There is so much that can be captured about her and who she really is and I think that she really is so close to me that it is shocking how much I don’t know about her myself. She is basically my family and I love her.  I applied to the Tisch program for high school students because I knew that if I wanted to get anywhere with my photography I would have to learn much more than I already knew. Photography is very important to me and I hope that I can help convey Glenda’s life with my photos.

glenda print.jpgglenda.jpgIMG_0987.jpgIMG_1062.jpgIMG_1449.jpgIMG_1470.jpgIMG_1473.jpgIMG_1496.jpgIMG_1512.jpgIMG_1515.jpgIMG_1529.jpgIMG_1552.jpgIMG_1565.jpgIMG_1789.jpg

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