Global Youth Connect

Global Youth Connect is a non-profit human rights activist organization aimed to empower and inspire passion in youth. It has helped to address a wide variety of human rights and social justice issues around the world since 1999. Global Youth Connect provides today’s youth with opportunities to engage in experiential learning in post-conflict countries that have a history of human rights abuses. International youth participants in delegations join local peers in their selected destinations in a combination of workshops, advocacy meetings, volunteer service with NGOS and site visits, through which they obtain vital information on the key human rights issues pertaining to their choice of location. International youth delegations are invited to work collectively in taking action for human rights and social justice.

Over the past decades, GYC has initiated 26 human rights training programs, involving more than 625 young individuals from 15 countries. There are currently twelve locations international participants can select from, such as Rwanda, El Salvador and Bosnia. The GYC programs provide comprehensive tools to inform and empower young people to make educated decisions in the human rights field.   Here is a video of an International Delegate talking about her experience in Rawanada. They are currently accepting Bosnia and Rawanda delegation applications. Be sure to also take a look at their blog.


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