Great interview – Laundromat Project

As a follow up to Amy’s post about the Laundromat Project, here is an interview from the Laundromat Project blog with Program Director Petruska Bazin Larsen, who also happens to be an alumnus of Photography and Imaging.

How did you get connected with The LP?
I was thinking about starting my own non-profit organization when I didn’t see anything on the job market that really interested me. I contacted Risë, who I’ve known since 2002, to hear about how she started The LP. Fast forward ten months, and I started working with her to develop our Create Change Public Artist Residency program.

Has your work as Program Manager with The LP changed the way you think about art?
I am way more drawn to work that does something more than just look pretty. Art is most successful when it is both visually compelling and charged with social impact. Read more


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