Many of the 2013 Future Imagemakers submitted photographs to the New York Times Hometown Project. The New York Times asked high school students to help create a 21st century portrait of America, turning their cameras on their neighborhoods, families, friends and schools. The goal was to allow young people from bustling cities, Rust Belt towns and rural outposts to capture their communities in all their complexities — from portraits and fleeting moments to sweeping landscapes and quiet insights. Here’s a look at what our students contributed!

Eric LiEric LiEric LiEric LiEthan JudelsonEthan JudelsonEthan JudelsonEthan JudelsonJaniella FranklynJaniella FranklynJaniella FranklynJaniella FranklynJaven BarinoJaven BarinoJaven BarinoJaven BarinoKendall PrattKendall PrattLily HarirLily HarirLily HarirLily HarirRoger FreemanRoger FreemanRoger FreemanRogerFreeman_4.jpgTaesha CallaghanTaesha CallaghanTaesha CallaghanTaesha CallaghanYanlery HernandezYanlery HernandezYanlery HernandezYanlery Hernandez

See what was selected for The New York Times website.