How to be an Ally

Another great post from SPARK  a Movement– grassroots mobilizing around the clear and present danger that sexualization poses to girls and young women. They work directly with girls 13-22 to train them to be media activists and leaders in the fight against sexualization. 

How to be an Ally: A Guide for Teachers & Other Adults | SPARK a Movement.

by Alice Wilder

Once upon a time, my friends and I had to deal with a male teacher who liked to tell girls what to do with their bodies. One of my friends got a “talking to” about her dress, even though she was within the dress code, because–and this is a direct quote–“teenage boys have thoughts.” Another time, the whole class had to listen to a speech from him on the importance of girls “protecting” their virginity. And here’s what happened: when I walked past his class every day, I felt pangs of fear in my chest. Actually going to class felt like going into battle. read more


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