We at Future Imagemakers are passionate about imagemaking. We believe in the power of photography as a means for self-expression, building self-confidence, and reflecting on our surroundings and lives. We strive to expand boundaries, open up possibilities, and learn from each other. And we embrace the Internet as a creative space with our website. Follow our tumblr to see the ongoing work of our 2017 Future Imagemakers.


What is a Future Imagemaker?

A Future Imagemaker is someone who makes images, and creates visual content for paper or screen-based media in a variety of context, including art, journalism, documentary, fashion or other.  The field of photography and imaging has expanded as our visual world has expanded. If you find yourself drawn to capturing people, scenes, events, and other visual aspects of life through the lens, you may be a Future Imagemaker. Please explore the projects from the different years in our Gallery. Future Imagemakers is part of Tisch School of the Arts’ of  Future Artist Program.

What are the program details?

The program runs on Saturdays from 10 am until 4 pm, February – May. Perfect attendance and punctuality are required. Future Imagemakers is tuition-free. Cameras and supplies are provided, and participants use the digital labs at Photography & Imaging. Students explore the history of photography and contemporary issues, visual literacy, learn camera techniques, photoshop, digital printing, editing, networking skills, and develop a critical vocabulary.

Who should apply for this program? 

Students who are in their freshman, sophomore or junior years of high school can apply. Because the program involves travel to Greenwich Village, students will most likely live in cities and towns within 2 hours of NYU. Students need to arrange their own transportation to and from class meetings and workshops, as well as any lunch or afternoon snack s/he may eat.

Is there a pre-requisite for the program?

Aside from a deep curiosity in all things photography and imaging, there is no pre-requisite.  Note to the applicant: good academic standing in school is seen as a mark of your dedication to education in general and your application written responses will help us get to know you.

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