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Tonight in my Community Collaboration course, we had the pleasure of listening to presentations by Ife Abdus-Salam, Katie Kline, and Alice Proujansky, 3 Photography & Imaging Alumni who work in community based arts organizations and public schools. They were inspiring and informative. I did my best at live blogging:


Ifétayo Abdus-Salam, P&I ’06,
Ifétayo Abdus-Salam received her BFA in Photography & Imaging and a BA in Africana Studies from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, (2006), and a MAT in Teaching and Learning in Art and Design Education from The Rhode Island School of Design (2009). In addition to her career as a visual artist, Ifétayo is a visual arts instructor at Bronx Leadership Academy II in the South Bronx, where she utilizes her passion for the arts to promote youth expression and critical discourse on contemporary issues.

“silence will not save us” a belief that infuses her art work and pedagogy as a teacher.

Ife’s experience before graduate school

  • Leadership Program – Dept Of Education funded by 21st century school fund– started teaching in that program while she was a student.
  • Children’s Aid Society first as program coordinator for after-school and summer program.   Created art programming that was brought into drug prevention program. Started digital photography programt

Then went to RISD to Masters in Art Education. Then started teaching in DOE. School was able to hire her at first as art/photography/health teacher. Started 4th year. New Visions school – [see New Visions for Public Schools] New Visions works with schools to boost student acheivement and gives extra funding. With New Vision funding, Ife has restructed art program to start digital photography program in fall but students can only take for one year at most.

Challenge to have students rethink what Art is.


Katie Kline, P&I ’05
Katie Kline is currently the Teen Academy Coordinator at the International Center of Photography (serving approximately 450 high school students annually: ( She will be co-teaching the Tisch P&I Summer Pre-College program in 2012 and beginning the MFA program at Columbia University.

Before working at ICP, Katie was an assistant teacher at

ICP Teen Academy

  • photography, writing, public speaking, life skills
  • 50% scholarship, 50% paid model, 450 students
  • teen foto fridays that allow students to all work together outside of classes.
  • ICP also offers many community partnerships

Think about community and the importarnce of maintaining networks every step along the way.

Alice Proujansky, P&I 2002,

Since graduating from the Department of Photography and Imaging in 2002, Alice Proujansky has taught photography to under-served youth with Urban Arts Partnership, the Red Hook Community Justice Center, and the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services in Crown Heights, Red Hook, Harlem, East New York, the Lower East Side, Washington Heights and beyond. She is currently a Staff Development Consultant at Urban Arts Partnership, where she runs professional development workshops, develops arts integration curricula, and coaches Teaching Artists. Her focus is on providing relevant teaching resources so artists can teach the artistic process, academic rigor, and engaged citizenship.

CASES – alternative sentencing program for  incarcerated youth

Urban Arts– offers programs in underserved schools – teaches integration of arts and citizenship – teaching academic subjects through the arts.

Likes the challenge of teaching within structure of the school and with the arts, reach students that have trouble with traditional teaching and reading/writing.

After she herself burned out, she recognized the need for teachers to take care of themselves so she invented the staff developer position to train teaching artists.

Responspive Classroom – alternative education research – using effective teacher language – great resource

Association of Teaching Artists – join their list serv
*many links on their resources pages 

Teaching Artist job fair coming up. Will let us know along with  professional developmental workshop info,


3 More resources from tonight

Kennedy Center for the Arts Arts Edge

National Arts Educators Association

Citizens Committee for Children of NYC

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