Janiella Franklyn

tumblr_mlgjiznPyv1s503rvo5_1280-1I am Janiella Franklyn. I am 16 years old and I am 5’4.  I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am currently a sophomore at New High School. I enjoy Photography, and Fashion, and I like theater. I hope later to pursue in Fashion and go to F.I.T or Howard University.  Fun Fact: I Sing and I do Ballet and Tap.






Final Project 

To start off, my project is about my high school life and my friends, and their personalities. Also it has a lot to do with my love for fashion because my friends have their own style and character. I like to make art because it expresses who I am as a person. It symbolizes my visual in fashion perspective, and how I feel about the image. The subjects I like are fashion because it shows who I am as a person and my personality. So when I take a picture you can see who I am as a person. My techniques and process is I like to find the perfect angle, and a lot of emotion in my picture because I want the person to feel comfortable in the picture. My work is different because most fashion are very high class and sharp, but mines are very up and close and personal and I get all of their emotion, and I when I take the picture it still reflects me and who I am as a person. What I see in my work is passion, and fun, and laughter. What other people see in my artwork is a lot of passion and determination. What are my goals is to display my pictures so people can feel something from my photos. Who inspires me are the world and my surroundings the people around me, and my environment.


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