Javen Barino

tumblr_mlgj8h8jEC1s503rvo6_1280-1My name is Javen Barino and this is my senior year in Brooklyn High School for the Arts. I am 19 years of age and I am a beginner photographer. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, my very first neighborhood in Williamsburg, and my mother later moved to Crown Heights in Brooklyn and finally New Jersey, where I now live. I am interested in photography among many other things such as video games, visual art (sculpting, painting, drawing, etc.). I also have a genuine interest in film, which goes hand in hand with my photography. What I like most about Photography is being able to take a picture of something that I see differently than others see them and to be able to amplify what I find different about it within the picture. Complications I have had with photography have been trying but failing to take pictures from unique angles, but not being able to do so has not stopped me from achieving my goal. However I have learned from my errors and have improved upon the shots I take.


                    Final Project

Contrary to the many expressive reasons why individuals may like to make art I have a recreational reason.  To me, making art is fun and interesting. The first art I’d ever done was drawings of other characters or people, I still continue to do that, I hope to get better at it, and also expand upon the subjects I use. So far I have taken most of my pictures during daylight meaning there wasn’t much of a reason to adjust my settings. As far as techniques go when there’s plenty of movement going on the continuous setting is a good way to capture it all, I consider that to be a technique that I’ve used. Right now what I do does not differ much from what others do, but as mentioned before the reasons for what I do, differ from the reasons others may have for what they do. I hope to develop a style of uniqueness and originality because I am also a visual artist. What I see in my own artwork is some kind of thought process, and at times a pattern that can always use room for improvement. I am unsure what others see in my artwork, but they usually say good things about it, and others don’t say anything at all. As an artist, my goal is to create something that will make me as well as others remember, think, enjoy, and appreciate what I’ve created and my ability to create it. For my final project I will be focusing on street art and what I have done is also incorporate my hometown into my final. I did that simply by taking pictures of street art in my hometown. The kind of street art I have focused on is graffiti but I have also taken plenty of pictures of modern art or pop art. The reason why I wanted to focus on graffiti is that it is very popular and historical especially in NYC and the part of Brooklyn I grew up in. what I wanted to do was document that and at the same time take pictures of other things most don’t notice or just overlook, such as art on a sidewalk floor.

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