Jessica Jones

jessicaMy name is Jessica Jones. I’m a junior at Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice. Despite the name of my school I have no interest in Law. I like to take photographs because it gives me the ability to control time and capture memories. My mind alone is unable to keep a record of everything that has happened to me, so photography is my way of remembering. It also allows me to express myself and show others the way I view the world. I dont have a specific preference in subject when it comes to photography but I mostly enjoy taking photographs of nature and street life in New York City.When taking photos, I like to experiment with multiple angles. My favorite angle is a straight up worms eye view. I like to keep my subject in focus and everything else less in focus. My work is indiscriminate. I would take a picture of anything that catches my interest.



Concrete Jungle

For my final project I decided to focus on nature in New York City. I have a huge passion for the natural environment. When I was younger, I was determined to one day move to the suburbs, feeling that NYC lacked the serene nature I desired to be surrounded by. I’ve always thought of it as the most urban place in the entire world. As many people do, I associate NYC with subways, taxis, and the large skyscrapers. The last thing that’s on a person’s mind is the nature that surrounds us everyday.  But there’s so much more to New York City than that. Despite the urban setting, there is nature hidden underneath. I want people to look at my photos and wonder “is that really new york?” I decided to shoot my photos at central park, roosevelt island and other locations I come across as I walk around the city. Although central park is man made, its the most impressive naturalistic landscape NYC has to offer, which many New Yorkers don’t take advantage of. I want to reveal that NYC is not only the city of lights but in fact a concrete jungle.