Joy of Giving Something

Joy of Giving Something (JGS) is a non-proft organization “dedicated to photographic arts.”  JGS has a world-renowed collection of photographs as well as a journal, platforms, scholarships and education programs.

Two programs that I am very drawn to from JGS is the Forward Thinking Museum and Resolution.

Founded in 2007, the Forward Thinking Museum is “virtual space” that features video and contemporary photography that connects fine art and photojournalism.  The Museum also has a store that sells prints, books and DVDs with proceeds going to student scholarships in photographic studies.  Whereas Resolution is a program that provides opportunities “for teens to publish and exhibit work in the context of social awareness.”

Both the Forward Thinking Museum and Resolution are creative and innovative programs provide spaces for individuals of all ages the opportunity to exhibit and feature photography works that questions the status quo.  Using JGS’s resources, I have often referred their website to our high school students for examples of photography works as well as photo contests and opportunities to consider.

Be sure to check out JGS’s online gallery for on-going exhibitions.

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