Karla Cortes

karlaCiao (means hello in italian) I’m Karla Cortes I go to business of sports school. I’m a sophomore. Hmm… how do I describe myself to people? I’d say I’m a very quiet person on the outside since I’m very shy mostly, but if you get to know me I’m pretty friendly and silly. I’m not known to be very girly since i love videogames and tomboy clothing. I don’t really know where i belong in life, but that doesn’t really matter to me because it’s up to people to decide if they accept anyone or not. My outside interests are reading manga books and drawing anime, but most people know me as a study bug since i keep up with school with high grades.




I love photography because i can capture anything that i like from nature to people. It can be of how brightly they smiled that day to a flower blooming on a rainy day. For me i strongly believe that nature can mostly show our true colors and how much we shined in one specific moment. People around me remind me of that every time they smile or make an expression, or simply knowing how that person can fake a smile and be hurt on the inside while you’re helping them to heal. Although flowers or plants don’t have expressions or aren’t human, they show bright or dark colors. In photography nature seems to stand out the most, while separated by photographs of people it catches different peoples attention. So why not put people and nature together, and allow that to define a person’s emotion and personality?