Kendall Pratt

tumblr_mlgj8h8jEC1s503rvo4_1280-1My name is Kendall Pratt, and I was born and raised in Manhattan. I’m 16 years old, and since the start of high school photography has grown into a passion of mine. I’m relatively new to digital photography. While I’ve taken photos at concerts or parties with digital cameras, when it came to actual photography projects, I mainly shot and black and white film. I’ve always loved art, but never could draw that well, even with drawing classes. Actually, when it comes to most artistic mediums, not all that skilled. Photography is perfect for me, because I can express everything I want to express artistically, without having to draw, paint, or make a sculpture of it.

Final Project

I’ve always been incredibly shy when it comes to having my picture taken. I constantly hide whenever someone pulls a camera out, and usually find a way to get out of being in a photograph. So when it came to this final project, I decided to challenge myself by taking self-portraits, but I quickly realized that I’m still incredibly camera shy. So I made a compromise with myself; I decided to take portraits that only show part of my face, or none of my face. Each photo has something in it represents my interests, or who I am as a person. I actually ended up really enjoying this project, because it gave me the freedom to show who I am, which I’ve always wanted to do with my photography, while still letting me be able to hide from the camera.


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