Language Justice

Just learned of this collaborative team, Antena. I have met them at a bi-lingual conference where they have incorporated translation as an active and integral part of the conference. They make installations, publish books as well as offer translation.

Antena uses writing and multilingual space-building as conduits for a collective creative activist practice that reimagines the power of language. Antena works at the intersection of multiple fields of artistic and political experimentation: writing, literary social practice, interpretation, translation, language justice, performance, installation, book-making, public interventions and radical pedagogy. Each provides us with a context, a vocabulary and a set of principles. We conceptualize our artistic work as social sculpture, a revisioning of the dominant monolingual U.S. way of doing literature, community-building and street-level performance.Some of our core working principles:Language justice is social justice.

Everyone has the basic human right to speak in the language(s) in which they feel most comfortable at a given time. The purpose of creating a dynamic and functional multilingual space is to make it possible for people to express themselves in whichever language they wish, and to be heard and understood by others in the room, regardless of whether they speak the same language.

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