Leaving Abuse Behind – Donna Ferrato

Leaving Abuse Behind – Lens Blog – NYTimes

After 30 years on the front lines, Donna Ferrato is ready to write the final chapter of her crusade against domestic abuse.SHOWCASEDonna Ferrato on LensDonna Ferrato on photography: “I’m just seeing it as it fossilizes. A photograph is a fossil. That’s what a camera does.”Helping Beyond the Pain »TriBeCa Chiaroscuro »Ms. Ferrato has been making raw, intimate photos of domestic violence since 1981. She has also been organizing, speaking publicly, counseling and even offering victims shelter at her New York City apartment.The photographs in her book “Living With the Enemy” helped make the problem brutally real. The images helped create and strengthen laws against domestic violence and raised public awareness of the issue. But domestic violence is still rampant, and women continue to return to their abusers. >> read more

Donna Ferrato’s work speaks to the power of photography to enact social change. more at donnaferrato.com

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