Lily Harir

tumblr_mlgj4ja3Z01s503rvo8_400-1Hello, I am Lily Harir. I grew up in the Forest Hills queens up until the age of six years old. I have been living in Sea Cliff, New York Long Island, for about 11 years in bliss. Sea Cliff is a “hippy artsy bohemian” town with lots of interesting cool people that love to party and make art. I am a junior at the public high school North Shore where I am heavily into photography class, AP composition and AP biology.  I’m a charismatic, enthusiastic, confident Pisces who loves to make art.




Final Project 

As an artist I am experimenting different techniques and ideas in photography. I prefer to shoot film, but being accepted in NYU’s Future Image Makers it has forced me to shoot digitally (something I am unfamiliar with), and I evidently grew to loving it. I tend to shoot food, and still life inspired by Irving Penn, but recently, after researching about Cindy Sherman, I experimented in shooting self-portraits. Unfortunately, I have very bad anxiety, stress and been diagnosed with a health related issue that pertain to it. I have tried everything to calm down, like meditating, therapy, going to bed earlier, watching funny movies, etc., and found that there were only two things that really felt therapeutic to me: eating my mama’s cooking, and taking long showers. When I eat I am in utter bliss; I focus on the crunch, the spices lingering on my tongue, the juiciness of the product and not on the problems that happened in school that day or the day before. When I am showering, I sing, I laugh, I dance and put on a little show for my invisible audience; I find it to be extremely peaceful. After a long day at school, I come home to a home cooked delicious meal made by Jewish mama, and a soothing shower (sounds silly…I know). For my project, I combined my love for food and my love for the shower in capturing the comfort in my mama’s cooking, and the tranquility of taking showers.