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Mother Jones
LoveBryan: Broken Branches Word Stories

Also, ShootNations (link below) is an annual youth photography competition and traveling exhibition. This year’s image competition involves youth and climate change:

“This year’s competition will open on Thursday 1st May 2008. The theme for this year’s competition is ‘YOUNG PEOPLE IN A CHANGING CLIMATE’.

We want to see the environmental issues affecting young people all around the world. Help us build a global picture of the reality of climate change.

The competition is open to anyone aged 11 – 24 from anywhere in the world. Last year we had over 1500 entries from 85 countries around the world – help us make this year even bigger and better!”

“The aim of Shoot Nations is to engage young people of all backgrounds from around the world to question the choices that govern their own lives. Using photography as a tool, Shoot Nations will allow young people to creatively express their views using a tangible and accessible format. The Shoot Nations exhibition will tour major global cities and facilitate a series of youth workshops on Governance and photography with young people.”


— Melanie Glass

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