Photo Voice: Photography for Social Change

PhotoVoice is a charity organization that helps disadvantaged and underprivileged communities develop  skills in effective storytelling through photography.Initially beginning as a Volunteer basis, it quickly achived enough acclaim to become a registered charity by 2013. PhotoVoice is currently doing a brilliant job, partnering with various NGO’s such as Amnesty International and Save The Children. Often times where photographers can’t go, bringing the means of story telling to the community can prove to be really helpful, specially when lots of these stories deserve to be told  and the end result is an intimate portrait of the world of these communities. I really enjoyed looking at their project from Afghanistan,where they wanted to document the life of Afghanistan from a child’s perspective.  As a result, PhotoVoice taught 13 boys and girls under the age of 16 the basics of a camera and were give cameras to shoot around their communities. It is such a fresh perspective coming from a place which our media depicts so negatively.

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