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3 Projects in New Orleans
Remedee Foundation teaches and encourages youth to use media to tell their own stories, and to open and engage in dialogue that promotes activism and change.
Remedee YouTube Channel

The Neighborhood Storytelling Project follows their mission, “Our stories told by us,” by working with writers in neighborhoods around New Orleans to create books about their communities.

The Porch a community grassroots neighborhood cultural organization. “We are a cultural organization commited to the Seventh Ward area, in New Orleans. We seek to promote and sustain the cultures of the neighborhood, city, and region and to foster exchange between cultural groups. The Porch is a place where all can come to do and to share their culture, and to take care of each other and our communities.” read more

and one in NYC
Urban Arts Partnership
Urban Arts Blogs
–check out their high school blogs on blog roll on right of blogs home page
great resource blog

READ for next week
Listening for the Lexicon of Cultural Shift by Linda Frye Burnham

and also read any other assigned readings you haven’t read. We will discuss next week.

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