Residents of New York

More Art Presents: Andres Serrano: Residents of New York from More Art on Vimeo.

Residents of New York is a public art project by Andres Serrano. Using a 4×5 view camera, he spent months photographing the homeless residents of New York in response to the changing city and the issue of affordable housing. These photographs will be on display in the West 4th Street subway station, Judson Memorial Church, Laguardia Place, and several phone booths scattered in the city from May 15-June 16. Serrano says that this project was not produced out of a need to address a social issue, but rather, the notion that “if people pay attention to the photos they will go back outside and see the real people.” Early in the semester, we introduced our Future Imagemakers to Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, and I think it’s really interesting to compare the approaches of the artists who both isolate individuals of the city but circulate their images in different ways.

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