Roger Freeman


Roger Freeman is a passionate photographer from the Bronx, NY. He attends Urban Academy Laboratory High School, a liberal alternative school on the Upper East Side. He enjoys taking photos of landscapes and nature, but is now exploring documenting people in different settings. He will be attending the Tisch Summer High School program for photography this summer and is ecstatic about it. He hopes to study photography in college and become a photography professor.

Final Project 

As youth growing up in today’s society, a lot of pressure and expectations are put on us. Parents and teachers expect us to be the best of the best and to beat all odds. Most of the time out stories are left untold, that is the truth to our lives of course. The reality of us. We get hurt, and most of the time we don’t express our feelings to people.

I first thought of this project when I was in school on day and my friends and we were talking about our problems. We realized that other people don’t feel as if our situations are that big of a deal, and that they don’t really affect us adolescents tremendously. The most frequent topic we came across was relationship problems. We’ve all been hurt, we all try to move on, we all try not to show how we feel. Some personal experiences also played a huge role in me doing this project.

Through my photos I express the feelings hidden by teens to everyone else. I picked subjects in my school and brought up a conversation with them. I then tell them to tell me a story, a sad one. 99% of the stories turned out to be stories about relationships, so that turned out to be what their captions were about. My pictures are the voices of not only my peers but also me.

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