Sebastian Perez

sebastianMy name is Sebastian Perez and I go to New Design High School on the lower east side. Since its a school based highly on the arts and the different mediums, I’ve been exposed to many of them already. Although they don’t have a photography program, I’m experienced in the medium and I love creating it. It’s an escape from reality and and just a zone you enter where you’re in control. When I photograph, I usually don’t use a subject or character because I like to show what isn’t usually seen by a regular individual on a regular day. So when, where, and how I photograph is something I see very differently from others. That and the fact that I really don’t photograph for my work to be seen. Some people want to share their points of views, where as I keep it to myself and am very limited with sharing. In my work, I almost never photograph family because it’s a topic I have in my daily life, and with my lack of showcasing my work, I don’t see much reason to do so. I see the nature of things in my art; the reality behind the normal views of people. I see and capture what others only subconsciously notice and don’t look into. Although it’s not a hobby to share my work it does happen and different people see different things in my work. Some say it’s a simple object or corner or alley while others realize the emptiness or angle or lack of people. My goal as an artist is to keep making the art I make. In the end its not really about who sees it or what they see, but about what I saw and how I envisioned the picture. My inspiration comes from my group of friends and the crowd of people im surrounded by, each individual unique in their own way with their own views, opinions, and story of what made them who they are.


For my final project I’ve chosen to step out of my comfort zone. Instead of capturing the emptiness and unrealistic nature that’s opposite of the norm, I’ve chosen to make my project personal by incorporating 3 important things in my life: one being my skating, two is my girlfriend who is a huge aspect of my life, my inspiration, and just a person i can always count on and go to, and three is the photography that binds everything together. I skate everywhere possible, whether it’s a skate park or a subway station. If there’s no rain or snow, I can grab my board and just go. It’s another way of escaping from reality and calming the mind and body. My girlfriend, Ninti, is an extremely unique person from her style to her personality to her way of thought, and she’s really helped me through a lot and inspires me in my work and life in general. All of this I’m showing through the art of photography and my digital camera. When it comes to my camera, it’s all manual and on the computer I choose not to edit unless instructed to do so for an assignment because, how I see it, editing would just take away from the idea of capturing the moment. Nothing is perfect and altering the images to be “perfect” would be changing the nature in it to suit you, which in my opinion is the opposite of perfect. Because if it’s no longer natural, it’s no longer that moment. But since my work is for me, I have no right to criticize.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”  -Lao Tzu