Spring 09 Community Collaborations begins

READINGS for next week
An Introduction to Community Art and Activism by Jan Cohen-Cruz, Director of Imagining America

Telling and Listening in Public: The Sustainability of Storytelling by Linda Frye Burnham, Co-Director of CAN

Community-Based Workshops from Soup to Nuts by Jan Cohen-Cruz and Lorie Novak Download file

Exercise chapter in Urban Ensemble: University/Community Collaborations in the Arts by Jan Cohen-Cruz and Lorie Novak download

A Participatory Photography Toolkit download

Websites for inspiration

Workshop Exercises contributed by Tisch Students to the Office of Community Connections

Artists in the Classroom: Ten Collaborative Projects (Center for Documentary Studies, 1998)

Storymapping Projects, interesting interface for presenting stories

CAN media arts links

in process list of participatory photography sites on

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