Taesha Callaghan


I am 16 years old, born and raised in Bronx, NY. I currently attend LaGuardia Arts High School studying instrumental music. Besides my deep passion for music, I like to try out new things and I love the whole artsy scene altogether. As a very outgoing and comedic person, I love having a good time and photography became a platform for me to be able to show how I see the world.



 Final Project 

Being raised in Bronx, New York of Caribbean descent and with exposure to urban society, it was natural for me to be interested in interactions among people. New York City is a melting pot in perspective of different cultures and communities blended together. Along with the urban life of the city, I also attend a performing arts school that means that majority of my day is spent in the city and at school. Since it was in my best interest, I decided to focus my project specifically on my peers, family, community etc. I thought that having a project focused on high school life in New York was the best. I photographed my school day, weekends and wherever I went for the day and how I go about my day reflecting the personalities, cultures and interaction of others who were around me. My photographs tend to be candid or unexpected photos, ones that my friends would not ideally want as a profile picture but yet they are still iconic and memorable photos. I hope with seeing my project that viewers and artist alike will be able to get a peek into my life.


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