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Creative Careers: Resources for Teaching Artists NYFA.org – NYFA Current

Creative Careers: Resources for Teaching Artists NYFA.org – NYFA Current


Great resource from New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

The Association of Teaching Artists describes a teaching artist as “a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills and sensibilities of an educator, who engages people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.”

Teaching artists play a vital part of the creative development of people of all ages, enriching their day-to-day educational experiences. They help promote innovative techniques in the classroom, foster the artistic talents of students and teach the importance of collaboration. As a teaching artist, it’s important to participate in professional development workshops and seek out new opportunities. In-classroom training, along with networking in the field, can help you develop greater effectiveness as an educator and build your artistry. We’ve pulled together a list of resources from NYFA Source that offer teaching artists professional development training, curriculum resources and highlight art education initiatives. Before delving into the resources, here is a quick overview on how to search NYFA Source.

Creative Caread more

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Interested in going to college in Photography?

The NYU Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging is hosting our second annual portfolio review day for prospective undergraduate students. This event is produced in conjunction with the Tisch Open House on the same date.

This event is specifically offered for prospective undergraduate freshman and transfer students to receive feedback on photography portfolios. Each participating student will receive an individual appointment to meet one-on-one with a Tisch representative for a 15 minute review.

Portfolio Review 2014-Poster

Participants must RSVP to receive their individual review appointment. 

The RSVP will register you for the Portfolio Review Day. Registered visitors will receive a confirmation email with their individual review appointment. Participants must RSVP and receive a confirmation with their individual appointment in order to participate in this event. Only the photographer receiving a reviewshould RSVP. Parents and other guests accompanying the photographers are not required to RSVP for the portfolio review.

Please bring 10 to 15 pieces of original work. You may bring up to 3 examples of non-photo based work (paintings, sketches, sculpture, etc.) If you wish to share your work digitally, please bring your own fully charged laptop or tablet.

Please note: Portfolio Review Day is a part of NYU’s Open House events and will not be linked to your admissions portfolio should you decide to apply to NYU.

RSVP and details Here!

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Maine Media Workshop + College



One of the coolest opportunities I have ever come across for photography summer programs for high school students is the Maine Media Workshop. The way it works is a student applies for a twelve week residency (there are shorter options if you cannot spare the whole summer) that they will devote to a specific category of photography. Some of the choices include:  Digital Photography & Printmaking, Traditional B&W Printmaking, Alternative & Historic Processes & Printmaking, Fine Art Photography, Documentary & Photojournalism, Nature, Landscape, & Travel Photography, and Commercial & Studio Photography. If accepted into the program the student is given a mentor that is an expert in the category they chose. The student will spend their twelve weeks being taught one on one by this mentor as well as attending master classes and workshops. When they are not in class or meetings they can spend their time on the beautiful Maine campus near the sea and develop a project to work on for the summer. They also can choose to design a program that combines multiple categories if they cannot pick just one. It is open to all levels and allows the student the opportunity to escape the demands of real life and focus on developing their craft and a fully realized project that they can use for a portfolio.


To learn more about the program and how to apply visit:


To see work produced by previous students:


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A blade of grass – Fellowship Guidelines


from A Blade of Grass – Guidelines

A Blade of Grass, a new funding organization that nurtures socially engaged art, is pleased to announce the launch of the ABOG Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art. Seven Fellows will be selected to receive an unrestricted stipend of 20,000 USD to realize an innovative community-based project. The program will also offer tailored professional support to socially engaged artists including documentation and assessment of each project, and workshops that teach skills that are particularly relevant to artists working directly with communities to enact social change. 

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Global Youth Connect

Global Youth Connect is a non-profit human rights activist organization aimed to empower and inspire passion in youth. It has helped to address a wide variety of human rights and social justice issues around the world since 1999. Global Youth Connect provides today’s youth with opportunities to engage in experiential learning in post-conflict countries that have a history of human rights abuses. International youth participants in delegations join local peers in their selected destinations in a combination of workshops, advocacy meetings, volunteer service with NGOS and site visits, through which they obtain vital information on the key human rights issues pertaining to their choice of location. International youth delegations are invited to work collectively in taking action for human rights and social justice.

Over the past decades, GYC has initiated 26 human rights training programs, involving more than 625 young individuals from 15 countries. There are currently twelve locations international participants can select from, such as Rwanda, El Salvador and Bosnia. The GYC programs provide comprehensive tools to inform and empower young people to make educated decisions in the human rights field.   Here is a video of an International Delegate talking about her experience in Rawanada. They are currently accepting Bosnia and Rawanda delegation applications. Be sure to also take a look at their blog.


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Teen Empowerment & Employment through the Arts

Artist for Humanity (AFH) is a unique and innovative arts organization that provides empowerment and employment for teens through the arts (painting, photography, sculpture, screen printing and digital media).  Located in Boston, MA since 1991, AFH’s mission “is to bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing under-resourced youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid-employment in the arts.”

AFH partners professional artists/mentors with youth to design, produce and market art products from various media.  Growing up in Boston, I have always been a fan of AFH’s work and certainly hope to work with them one day.

Be sure to check out their blog too!

                                                            photo from AFH

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APPLY FOR OUR 2013 Workshops

Applications are online for our Spring 2013 workshops. DEADLINE Monday NOVEMBER 19, 2012.

Fifteen to twenty young artists will be selected to participate in this free program which is held either on Saturdays or two afternoons during the week from 4-6 from February to May. Applicants, in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior year, from the five boroughs of New York City as well as from Westchester County, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut and Philadelphia are encouraged to apply.



View the galleries from our 2012 program
to learn more about us.


Email future.imagemakers@nyu.edu
if you have questions.

Future Imagemakers is part of the Tisch Future Artist Program.  To sign up to receive important announcements about the Spring 2013 Workshops, please do so HERE!



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Inspiration and Resources

Tonight in my Community Collaboration course, we had the pleasure of listening to presentations by Ife Abdus-Salam, Katie Kline, and Alice Proujansky, 3 Photography & Imaging Alumni who work in community based arts organizations and public schools. They were inspiring and informative. I did my best at live blogging:


Ifétayo Abdus-Salam, P&I ’06, www.ifesalam.com
Ifétayo Abdus-Salam received her BFA in Photography & Imaging and a BA in Africana Studies from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, (2006), and a MAT in Teaching and Learning in Art and Design Education from The Rhode Island School of Design (2009). In addition to her career as a visual artist, Ifétayo is a visual arts instructor at Bronx Leadership Academy II in the South Bronx, where she utilizes her passion for the arts to promote youth expression and critical discourse on contemporary issues.

“silence will not save us” a belief that infuses her art work and pedagogy as a teacher.

Ife’s experience before graduate school

  • Leadership Program – Dept Of Education funded by 21st century school fund– started teaching in that program while she was a student.
  • Children’s Aid Society first as program coordinator for after-school and summer program.   Created art programming that was brought into drug prevention program. Started digital photography programt

Then went to RISD to Masters in Art Education. Then started teaching in DOE. School was able to hire her at first as art/photography/health teacher. Started 4th year. New Visions school – [see New Visions for Public Schools] New Visions works with schools to boost student acheivement and gives extra funding. With New Vision funding, Ife has restructed art program to start digital photography program in fall but students can only take for one year at most.

Challenge to have students rethink what Art is.


Katie Kline, P&I ’05 www.katiekline.com
Katie Kline is currently the Teen Academy Coordinator at the International Center of Photography (serving approximately 450 high school students annually: (www.icp.edu/school/teen-academy) She will be co-teaching the Tisch P&I Summer Pre-College program in 2012 and beginning the MFA program at Columbia University.

Before working at ICP, Katie was an assistant teacher at

ICP Teen Academy

  • photography, writing, public speaking, life skills
  • 50% scholarship, 50% paid model, 450 students
  • teen foto fridays that allow students to all work together outside of classes.
  • ICP also offers many community partnerships

Think about community and the importarnce of maintaining networks every step along the way.

Alice Proujansky, P&I 2002, www.aliceproujansky.com/

Since graduating from the Department of Photography and Imaging in 2002, Alice Proujansky has taught photography to under-served youth with Urban Arts Partnership, the Red Hook Community Justice Center, and the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services in Crown Heights, Red Hook, Harlem, East New York, the Lower East Side, Washington Heights and beyond. She is currently a Staff Development Consultant at Urban Arts Partnership, where she runs professional development workshops, develops arts integration curricula, and coaches Teaching Artists. Her focus is on providing relevant teaching resources so artists can teach the artistic process, academic rigor, and engaged citizenship.

CASES – alternative sentencing program for  incarcerated youth

Urban Arts– offers programs in underserved schools – teaches integration of arts and citizenship – teaching academic subjects through the arts.

Likes the challenge of teaching within structure of the school and with the arts, reach students that have trouble with traditional teaching and reading/writing.

After she herself burned out, she recognized the need for teachers to take care of themselves so she invented the staff developer position to train teaching artists.

Responspive Classroom – alternative education research – using effective teacher language – great resource

Association of Teaching Artists – join their list serv
*many links on their resources pages 

Teaching Artist job fair coming up. Will let us know along with  professional developmental workshop info,


3 More resources from tonight

Kennedy Center for the Arts Arts Edge

National Arts Educators Association

Citizens Committee for Children of NYC

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Great News from The Laundromat Project


With generous support from the Andy Warhol Foundation ($75,000) and the Lambent Foundation ($50,000) The LP will increase the number of artists we can invite to participate in our annualCreate Change program. Every year The LP invites artists of color to mount site-specific projects at their local laundromats as a Create Change Public Artist in Residence. In 2011 The LP will accept more artists into the program, increase their production budget and stipend, and add a commissioning opportunity for program alumni. Additionally Create Change will expand to includeprofessional development opportunities for artists from all backgrounds and stages of their career interested in developing or deepening a public art practice. And last but not least, we are coming to a city near you…The LP is in the planning stages of bringing Create Change to two pilot communities outside of NYC. Want us to come to your local Laundromat? We are open to new partnerships, so please be in touch by emailing info@laundromatproject.
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I posted this on the CoCo website, but I thought I’d put it here as well. If anyone is working with youth filmmakers, the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival has put out their Call for Submissions for 2010. Check out the website for the submission form, and the deadline is December 10, 2009.

Please spread the word!

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