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APPLY for our 2015 workshop

APPLY Our Spring program will take place every Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm, February 7th to May 9th, for a total of 12 weeks. Bayeté Ross Smith and NYU student teaching assistants will be teaching our 2015 workshop. LINK TO APPLICATION

The high school students work in the digital labs at The Department of Photography and Imaging. Digital cameras are provided for the high school students to photograph their families, friends, and communities to create photographic essays exploring their day-to-day lives, dreams, concerns, and social-political challenges.  Perfect attendance and punctuality are required along with a dedication to developing a personal vision. Students are expected to provide their own transportation and lunch. See our FAQ page for more information. View our Student Projects Galleries for inspiration.

Download our one page information sheet

Please feel free to contact us with questions at future.imagemakers@nyu.edu.

7 Departments at Tisch have programs for high school students this spring. To view the full list, visit the Tisch Future Artists page.

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Brazilian Stories and Selfies Through a Pinhole

Brazilian Stories and Selfies Through a Pinhole - NYTimes.com

Brazilian Stories and Selfies Through a Pinhole 

Great piece in the NYTimes Lens Blog about a pinhole photography workshop in the Mare favela in Rio de Janeiro led by Tatian Altberg. Fantastic photographs. 


Brazilian Stories and Selfies Through a Pinhole - NYTimes.com

In my web searching, I found another article about the project.

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Expanding the Walls

Over the past four weeks, I have been working with high school students from the Studio Museum in Harlem Expanding the Walls (ETW) program. This amazing program is for students that come from all over the New York area. It is an opportunity that allows the students to learn digital photography over the course of 8 months. They also participate in a variety of activities that help to inform their final photographic project such as museum and gallery visits.

The program approached us at Photography and Imaging because they wanted to expand the experience with photography by learning analog photography before diving into digital. That’s where I come in. Expanding the Walls needed an analog aficionado.  I was up for the challenge. Starting in the beginning of February the students of ETW made the journey to the Photography & Imaging Department of NYU’s Tisch. During these weeks the students learned how to operate an analog camera, make compelling images, and enlarge their negatives in the darkroom.

I was so excited to introduce to these students my passion and it was a joy to see their engagement with the amazing art of photography. The workshop has come to an end, but I’m looking forward to working with these students until the end of the semester as they transition into digital. I hope to see the concepts they’ve learned to extend into their images as they work toward a final project.

To learn more about Expanding the Walls, check out their website.



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Aja Project- Youth + Photography Transformation

Aja is an acronym for the phrase “Autosuficiencia Juntada con Apoyo” which means supporting self-sufficiency. Aja Project is an organization that provides photography based educational programming to youth that have been affected by war and displacement. In this program, the students are taught to think critically about self identity while developing leadership skills.

This non-profit organization is based in San Diego, California and utilizes participatory photography methods in after-school and in-school programs. Since its start in 2000, Aja has helped more than 1,000 displaced youth share their stories with over 1 million viewers. They have had public exhibits at the National Geographic Society’s Explorers Hall, United Nations Headquarter, and the San Diego Museum of Arts.

Aja Project also has two international sister organizations- Record of Truth in Burma and Disparando Cameras (para la Paz) in Colombia. Aja is continuing to look for ways to further expand their unique and life changing program.

You can read more about this organization here!

Photo from Aja

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Spring 2013 Future Imagemakers-Latest Student Work

Future Imagemakers is an innovative after-school program run by the Photography & Imaging Department at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  It gives high school students the opportunity to learn about digital photography, create, and develop ideas that are taught by NYU students.

This year, we are lucky to have 13 very talented young students join us from high schools all over New York City as well as Long Island.  Comprised of sophomore and juniors, students came in with different photography backgrounds and skill levels but all have a strong passion and dedication for the art.

Some of our assignments have included photographing the students’ community, family members and strangers, as well as shooting a series inspired by a song or piece of literature.  The students also visited the Allen Ginsberg exhibit at the NYU Grey Gallery, practiced shooting out in Washington Square Park, and will have the opportunity to shoot out on St. Marks and take a field trip to MoMa later in the spring.

Our goal for this program is to help students not only understand how to shoot with DSLRs and work in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop, but to also help them cultivate new ideas, open them up to new works of art, and show them the importance and power that photography has in our world.  We also have a class blog so feel free to check it out!

Below is a slideshow of images from students’ work so far this semester.  Each photo was chosen by the students themselves.

Photo by: Javen BarinoPhoto by: Emily ChinPhoto by: Taesha CallaghanPhoto by: Christine CohranPhoto by: Janiella FranklinPhoto by: Roger FreemanPhoto by: Lily HarirPhoto by: Yanlery HernandezPhoto by: Ethan JudelsonPhoto by: Eric LiPhoto by: Cocoa LynchPhoto by: Kendall PrattPhoto by: Esther Turay


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Through Positive Eyes, a Participatory Photojournalism Project


Through Positive Eyes, a Participatory Photojournalism Project 

from the NYTimes lens blog:

The South African photojournalist Gideon Mendel spent more than a decade documenting H.I.V./AIDS in Africa. But despite his commitment and passion for the subject, he found he could not continue.“The time has come to hand over the camera,” Mr. Mendel said. “Me photographing H.I.V. positive people is just not appropriate anymore.”So Mr. Mendel, along with David Gere, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, created a participatory photography project that encourages people who are H.I.V. positive to tell their stories. Over the last four years, they have put cameras in the hands of 72 people living with H.I.V. in six cities across the globe. The project, called Through Positive Eyes and largely financed by the Herb Ritts Foundation and the Ford Foundation, operates in conjunction with the U.C.L.A. Art and Global Health Center, which Mr. Gere leads. It aims to dismantle stigma associated with H.I.V. using an unconventional form of photojournalism. read more

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Our Panel @ Photoville, Brooklyn, NY June 30

Photoville Panel featuring Khidr and Delphine from Future Imagemakers

SATURDAY JUNE 30, 5:15pm – 6:15pm

Panel Discussion: Community Collaborations

Community-based art is a hyphenated field in which artists collaborate with people whose lives directly inform the subject matter to express collective meaning, help participants find their voice, and build community. Petruska Bazin, Leah Cohen, Katie Kline, and Lorie Novak moderator will discuss their experiences working in community-based and participatory photography projects.

Panelists: Petruska Bazin Larsen The Laundromat Project, Katie Kline ICP, Leah Cohen Red Hook Justice Project, Lorie Novak NYU and Future Imagemaker photographers Khidr Joseph, Delphine Douglas

Photoville is a new Brooklyn-based photo destination – a village of freight containers transformed into temporary exhibition spaces, taking place this summer from June 22 to July 1, 2012. Lots to see.



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Adobe Youth Voices

Adobe Youth Voices

Demonstrating the power of technology to engage middle- and high school-age youth, Adobe Youth Voices provides breakthrough learning experiences using video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools that enable youth to explore and comment on their world. Learn more 

There are resources for Educators

** I want someone to nominate Future Imagemakers so that we can apply for an Arts and Creativity Grant.**



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Our Expanded Website

Last night was the 2012 exhibition for the Future Imagemakers/Community Collaborations where we officially launched our new website with new galleries. The workshop leaders and students are amazing. See snapshots from the web launch.

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