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Class Plays a Greater Role in Success

Important must read article in the New York Times.

Poor Students Struggle as Class Plays a Greater Role in Success 

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Rethinking Cinco de Mayo

Rethinking Cinco de Mayo by Sudie Hofmann from the Zinn Education Project 

Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated in the United States more than in Mexico. Celebrations in the state of Puebla (100 miles east of Mexico City) are common, but are fairly uncommon in the rest of the country. Many Puebla residents are conversant about the 1862 battle and how naval forces from Great Britain, Spain, and France traveled to Mexico to negotiate various financial debts. Spain and England settled their conflicts and left quickly but France decided to fight, believing they would be the easy victors and could establish a French colony in Mexico. Mexican soldiers, greatly outnumbered and poorly armed, prevailed. The battle is a source of pride for many Mexicans but not necessarily a major national holiday. READ ON


**Teaching A People’s History /Zinn Education Project is an incredible resource for teaching (and self-knowledge.)

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a great book list

Linda Burnham of Community Arts Network just put together this great book list at Powell’s books. The books pertain to art and its place in community. It includes books about community-based art in all media, socially engaged art, art in public places, art and public policy and art in education, healthcare, civic dialogue, community development, corrections, cultural democracy, environment and spirituality…and topics of interest to people who make community-based art.

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Online Sources for Curriculum Ideas

Workshop Exercises contributed by Tisch Students to the Office of Community Connections

Exercise chapter in Urban Ensemble booklet – pp 37-68 Dowload PDF

Venice Arts is a treasure trove of resources, activities and more.
Click on Library tab and then see pull down menu.

Artists in the Classroom: Ten Collaborative Projects (Center for Documentary Studies, 1998)

Literacy Through Photography Blog

Urban Arts Partnership has a rich website – worth exploring entire site
For specific curriculum ideas, look at Photography posts on the blog

For inspiration, take at a look at Storymapping Projects, an interesting interface for presenting stories

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Community Artists on the Job

The Long, Hot Summer of Service: Community Artists on The Job

And the word for this summer is … service! New national service initiatives are making headlines, generating new hopes for community arts jobs. Read on to learn what’s happening right now and to explore what could happen in the lead-up to 2010, the 75th anniversary of “Federal One,” the constellation of federal arts programs that employed an estimated 40,000 writers, performers, visual artists and others from 1935-39. read on

this is from the CAN website

also take a look at
Social Imagination: Documenting Engagement in Canada: nine mid-career artists from across Canada to examine the practice of community-based arts and the potential of digital video as a means to document the aesthetics of engagement inherent in their work.

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End the University as We Know It

End the University As we Know It
Interesting Op-Ed in the Monday, April 27 NY Times
by Mark C. Taylor, Professor at Columbia

Letters to the Editor in the Sunday, May 3 Times
great discussion and critique

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Interesting Article

Here’s an article written by a first time teacher that I enjoyed reading. It centers around his time spent in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It’s not photography based, but it’s about his bond with his students based on Lil Wayne’s music. I like his perspective on student teacher relations and how he found a common ground through music.

I Will Forever Remain Faithful by David Ramsey

Hope everyone had a great break

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Projects to Look At / Things to Read

3 Projects in New Orleans
Remedee Foundation teaches and encourages youth to use media to tell their own stories, and to open and engage in dialogue that promotes activism and change.
Remedee YouTube Channel

The Neighborhood Storytelling Project follows their mission, “Our stories told by us,” by working with writers in neighborhoods around New Orleans to create books about their communities.

The Porch a community grassroots neighborhood cultural organization. “We are a cultural organization commited to the Seventh Ward area, in New Orleans. We seek to promote and sustain the cultures of the neighborhood, city, and region and to foster exchange between cultural groups. The Porch is a place where all can come to do and to share their culture, and to take care of each other and our communities.” read more

and one in NYC
Urban Arts Partnership
Urban Arts Blogs
–check out their high school blogs on blog roll on right of blogs home page
great resource blog

READ for next week
Listening for the Lexicon of Cultural Shift by Linda Frye Burnham

and also read any other assigned readings you haven’t read. We will discuss next week.

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If only everyone could understand the importance of the arts….

A Missing Piece in the Economic Stimulus: Hobbling Arts Hobbles Innovation

“As the economy stumbles, the first things to get cut at the national, state, and local levels are the arts. The first thing that goes in our school curricula are the arts. Arts, common wisdom tells us, are luxuries we can do without in times of crisis. Or can we?

Let’s see what happens when we start throwing out all the science and technology that the arts have made possible….”


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Spring 09 Community Collaborations begins

READINGS for next week
An Introduction to Community Art and Activism by Jan Cohen-Cruz, Director of Imagining America

Telling and Listening in Public: The Sustainability of Storytelling by Linda Frye Burnham, Co-Director of CAN

Community-Based Workshops from Soup to Nuts by Jan Cohen-Cruz and Lorie Novak Download file

Exercise chapter in Urban Ensemble: University/Community Collaborations in the Arts by Jan Cohen-Cruz and Lorie Novak download

A Participatory Photography Toolkit download

Websites for inspiration

Workshop Exercises contributed by Tisch Students to the Office of Community Connections

Artists in the Classroom: Ten Collaborative Projects (Center for Documentary Studies, 1998)

Storymapping Projects, interesting interface for presenting stories

CAN media arts links

in process list of participatory photography sites on photoandimaging.net/coco

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