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Future Imagemakers on the NY Times Lens Blog

Ten of the 2013 Future Imagemakers submitted images to the New York Times Lens Blog Hometown project. Click HERE to see a slideshow of the work.

photo by Javen Barino

“My Hometown”  [is] a vibrant document of 4,289 images submitted by teenagers in school- or community-based photography programs across the United States, including rural villages and urban neighborhoods, wealthy suburbs and blue-collar Rust Belt towns.

While participants only photographed their own communities, together, the images create an important and lasting document of America today as seen by teenagers. They are published today in an interactive feature that opens with a selection of 145 photographs and is also searchable by state and by photographer. Many of the images will be archived at the Library of Congress in the Prints and Photographs Division. [Read more and see more of the 4,289 images submitted by teens throughout the country.]

It’s so exciting to see their work in the NY Times.

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Housing is a Human Right NYC multimedia project

Housing is a Human Right Teaser from Housing is a Human Right on Vimeo.


Housing is a Human Right is a multi-media documentary portrait of the struggle for Home in New York City. The project collects and shares first person stories of Home, community and ongoing efforts to maintain or obtain housing, celebrating our desire for a place to call Home. The stories act as a reminder that home is as tenuous a space in New York City as the shelter that sustains it.

Watch Housing is a Human Right Videos

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Photo galleries I like

I found a couple of galleries that I thought had an interesting layout.

This gallery first lists the names of the child photographers. Clicking on a child’s name, takes you to their gallery page which includes their portrait and thumbnails of each image in their portfolio. If you click on the image of the child it takes you to their biography.
Although this gallery is organized by location, we could still use it as a reference and modify it to be organized by photographer. I like the layout and how they use a background image for the thumbnails and the main image.
— Cecelia Zuniga
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Columbia College photo galleries

Here is a plethora of different photo gallery styles from the Columbia College website. They are broken up into groups of artists that collaborated on different book published. Just click on a specific artist and see how they set up their galleries, they are all a bit different. Obviously, I think some work better than others.

Columbia College artist index

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