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K-12 Web Archiving @ The Internet Archive

K-12 Web Archiving

Great project from the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine

The K12 Web Archiving Program was developed in 2008 with the Library of Congress and the Archive-It team at the Internet Archive. The program provides an opportunity for students – 3rd to 12th grade – to select and save websites for future generations (historians, scholars, their descendants, the general public) to look at 50,100, 500 years from now. The program is kicking off its sixth year with 7 schools in 7 states around the country.

The students’ collections are available here for browsing and searching, and provide an informative, funny, and often touching view into their lives and preferences. more

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Creativity in Schools


A humorous and thoughtful talk about how creativity is cultivated or suppressed in our current education system. Good to listen to if you’re doing mindless internship work, like stuffing envelopes.

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